For ALL of us in Orange – 1 and statewide

Elect Adam D photo

I believe a representative is elected to office for the purpose of doing exactly what their title suggests: representing their district in the legislative process. Regardless of party affiliation, that person is there as a voice of the people that put them there.

By adhering too strictly to policy that comes from national parties, many of our state politicians are increasingly out of touch with the needs of Vermonters.  It’s why Bernie Sanders has done so well – he’s always been clear that he’s an advocate for the majority of Vermonters, regardless of party affiliation.

Education and infrastructure constantly face budgeting challenges.  Health care costs keep going up with less coverage and higher premiums.  Housing, child-care, and food prices are out-pacing people’s abilities to afford them.  If we do anything in state government, it should be to make sure that these fundamentals are available to every Vermonter at a cost we can all afford.

As a Representative for Orange-1, I intend to keep the focus where it should be; on being the voice of our district in the state house. Running as a Progressive/Democrat, my goal is to make living in Orange County more affordable for everyone, while staying true to our core values and fostering a healthy economy that works for us all.